The worlds leading entertainment venues aim to create a pleasant environment and enhance the experience of their visitors. This is a difficult task when they are under constant attacks from the unpleasant smells of cigarette smoke, food and body odors. Scenting not only helps get rid of bad smells but creates an atmosphere which is calming and uplifting, and puts visitors in the right mood.

Studies conducted over the last decade have indicated that visitors rated their stay better and lengthened their time. In a controlled experiment comparing the takings of slot machines in a fragranced and non fragranced environment over a set period of time, fragrance was shown to have a positive effect on takings. The scented area saw an uplift of 45%.

Scent marketing is applied with great success in the entertainment industry all over the world. Entertainment business owners use scents to differentiate themselves from competitors and boost revenues. Pleasant scents also improve visitors' intentions to revisit and hence increase visitor return rate.


Increased Revenues

Studies have shown that certain scents can help casinos and other entertainment industries to increase their revenues by up to 45%.

Visitors Linger Longer

People spend more time in a scented enviornment and it will enhance their overall visiting experience.

Happy Visitors

It will become a lasting experience imprinted in your visitors’ memories and visitors will be willing to spend more.

Increased Revenues

Results will be increased revenues and growth. It also improves visitors' intentions to revisit the premises.

Let's Scent Your Entertainment Business

Whether you have a cinema, a gaming zone, a club or a casino, we can design a perfect signature scent for you. We will not only create a signature scent, we will plan complete scent marketing strategy for your business. You can Shop Our Entertainment Collection online, or you can Contact Us and our representative will get back to you at the earliest.

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