Humans have only four tastes (sweet, sour, bitter and salty) which in combination with smell create flavour. A new study published in the Journal of Texture Studies, has shown that merely showing pictures of food is not sufficient to produce that mouthwatering sensation that causes people to seek food. The reason, according to the scientists, is that a visual representation is not real enough to convince the brain that food is imminent.

Scents can stimulate appetite and the smell of favourite foods may cause customers' mouth to water and increase the chances that they will buy. Smell of Pizza, Coffee, Musk, steak, BBQ, chocolate, all trigger positive emotional responses and may enhance sales.

What does this mean for restaurants or other food-related products and services? It suggests that your marketing would be much more effective if you incorporate scents. When an odor of baked bread was released in a US supermarket, sales in the bakery section increased threefold. (The International Journal of Aroma Therapy, Dr. Alan Hirsch, 1993)

Hershey's Chocolate significantly spurred sales at point of purchase with scent delivery technology installed in vending machines in California tourist locations. Hershey's reigned supreme over the other three brand choices as the company sold 300% more chocolates than the others.


Increased Sales

In 2005, when Exxon On The Run convenience stores in North Carolina highlighted a new brewing system with coffee scents from a scent marketing company, coffee sales perked up by a healthy 55%.

Attract More Customers

Scents can stimulate appetite and smell of favourite foods may cause customers to buy.

Pleasing Environment

Welcoming and pleasing environment for your customers and staff.

Increased Sales

Increase sales and brand loyalty. It also improves customers' intentions to revisit the restaurant.

Let's Scent Your Restaurant

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