Scent marketing has introduced a new dimension for retail industry. The powerful link between the human sense of smell and consumer behavior can now be harnessed to create a distinct scented environment where consumers will love to spend time.

As a retailer, you invest heavily in fixtures, lighting, signage and music to attract and enhance your customer’s shopping experience. Imagine being able to enhance your brand on every sensory level. Imagine if you could continue connecting with customers long after you've closed your doors. You can, through the use of scents.

Pleasant scents in a retail environment improved the perception of customers as to the evaluation of the retail environment and merchandise. It also improved customers' intentions to revisit the store. (Spangenberg, 1996)


Decisions' Influenced

Research concluded an 84% increase in the willingness to purchase a pair of Nike shoes in a scented room over an odor free room. The same subjects indicated a willingness to pay $10.33 more for the same pair of shoes.

Customers Linger Longer

People spend more time in a scented environment that will enhance their overall shopping experience.

Happy Customers

It will become a lasting experience imprinted in your customers’ memories and customers will be willing to buy more.

Increased Profits

Results will be increased sales and brand loyalty. It also improves customers' intentions to revisit the store.

Let's Scent Your Retail Store

Whether you have a speciality store, outlet in a mall or market, we can design a perfect signature scent for you. We will not only create a signature scent, we will plan complete scent marketing strategy for your business. You can Shop Our Retail Collection online, or you can Contact Us and our representative will get back to you at the earliest.

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